The Institute provides accreditation services for educational and training institutions and trainers. It is a system of continuous monitoring and evaluation of the work mechanisms of those institutions in order to achieve the highest quality standards in the services and products provided to customers by them under the supervision of the European Organization for Quality Management in United Kingdom.



The Institute provides advisory services according to a special curriculum is characterized by positive and efficiency and integration and is based on the direct institutional support, and aims to increase the competitiveness and productivity of enterprises and increase the capacity and improve the quality of services and products.


We are pleased to offer you

our services and our training programs


We offer several training courses in all areas, as well as diploma and professional master’s in all professional disciplines, in collaboration with educational institutions around the world.


Are working to apply the maximum standards of quality in all our services, based on world standards in cooperation with the European Organization for Quality Management ( EOQM ), we also offer consulting services in the field of application of quality in educational institutions for many partners.


Interactive training via the Internet using the latest teaching aids available in all areas.


The establishment of scientific conferences in all areas in collaboration with educational institutions and training centers as well as hosting many professionals and academics around the world.


The establishment of events and activities designed to introduce students to the various functions and the needs of the labor market, in collaboration with major institutions and companies, as well as introduce students to the systems and programs of education and training around the world and how to subscribe to it.


Adoption of educational institutions and training centers and training programs and trainers, and provide accredited certificates to the trainees in all disciplines.